No-Fear Networks

The NO-FEAR project includes two networks that will interact:

• The practitioners, decision and policy makers network,
• The supplier and academia network.

Information on each network, their role in the project, and the benefits of joining each network are provided below.

The practitioners, decision and policy makers network

Practitioners, decision and policy makers are invited to join the network and contribute to some/all of the NO-FEAR activities, including:

• Participation in workshops, as a user, to provide input on the detailed requirements, needs and gaps assessment,
• Participation in workshops, trials and demonstrations with suppliers to provide advice and feedback,
• Contribution to the project innovation road mapping and standardization recommendations preparation,
• Providing expertise as required. For instance, via short telephone interviews or contributions to the project forum.

By contributing their expertise to inform the identification of requirements, needs, and gaps, practitioners will receive:

• Invitations to the six-monthly NO-FEAR events providing the opportunity to network and collaborate with fellow practitioners, decision and policy makers, and suppliers,
• Access to better and affordable products and innovative solutions that are needed to prepare and respond to new threats,
• Access to the NO-FEAR platform that will include a dynamic catalogue of highly relevant products, services, prototypes, projects and innovations, and an interactive discussion portal,
• The opportunity to promote their participation in the NO-FEAR network, and
• An annual newsletter providing key updates on the NO-FEAR activities.

The supplier and academia network

The NO-FEAR supplier and academia network of European suppliers is comprised of innovative industries, SMEs, academia, and research and technology organisations. The supplier and academia network will have the opportunity to contribute to the following activities:

• The NO-FEAR state of the art assessment, through participation in workshops,
• Registering, facilitating access and disseminating their current and future projects, activities, products and services in the NO-FEAR portal, and
• Participation in workshops and tests with practitioners providing an opportunity to collect feedback to adapt the technological solutions to the user and market needs.

Through their active participation, members of the supplier and academic network will receive the annual newsletter and:

• Networking opportunities with NO-FEAR partners, between suppliers, and with customers,
• Access to practitioners and potential customers to identify their needs and priorities,
• The opportunity to promote their research activities, projects, products, services and future technologies, and
• The potential to participate in tests, demonstrations and/or exhibitions, where associated costs will be supported by the NO-FEAR project, should the products, research and innovation activities be selected by the project practitioners and partners.

Additionally, a special acceleration programme will be created for entrepreneurs and start-ups, including coaching on business plans, competitive analysis and partnership.