Survey – Prehospital Blood Products Resuscitation

Prehospital Blood Product Resuscitation

Survey – Prehospital Blood Products Resuscitation

NO-FEAR project aims to analyze and innovate the field of emergency medicine. We kindly invite you to take part in our survey, which is dedicated to investigating the use of blood and blood products in the context of pre-hospital life support.

Pre-hospital blood product resuscitation is a new, evolving and very heterogeneous field. No international Society has issued guidelines. This has lead us to develop this short survey to investigate what are the current practices to the use of blood and blood products. We want also to know which of these is presently the most used, the methods of conservation and distribution and future needs in this field. We therefore invite you to participate and disseminate as much as possible this survey so as to bring once again an innovation in the field of pre-hospital life support.

The survey

We kindly thank you for your participation. Please follow NO-FEAR project on our social media platforms, where you can learn more about the project as well as about the future findings.

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