Emergency communications in the era of 5G

emergency communications

Emergency communications in the era of 5G

NO-FEAR webinar on “Emergency Communications in the era of 5G” 

On Thursday 17th February 2022, the NO-FEAR project co-hosted a webinar with the BroadWay project on “Emergency Communications in the era of 5G”. The choice of communication means and networks is a key factor for emergency services. They should be reliable, interoperable, and fast to deploy. Having a national disaster safety communication network in each country is crucial. The webinar focused on challenges concerning building communications networks for public safety and emergency services in the case of a critical situation.

The webinar, featuring presentations by the NO-FEAR and BroadWay practitioner partners and invited guests, focused on how to adopt the best current technologies in emergency communication to meet the operational needs and diversity of users. Over 50 participants from across Europe attended the webinar and had the opportunity to hear from: 

  • Luca Leonardi, Project Manager at NO-FEAR partner Università del Piemonte Orientale, introduced the webinar and the NO-FEAR project 
  • Catherine Bertrand, MD, specialist in Anesthesia and Intensive Care from NO-FEAR partner AP-HP, France, demonstrated from past European projects she participated in that the technology exists in order to build a Public Protection and Disaster Relief network for emergency services 
  • Claire Raynal, Project Manager, core network expert at Ministry of Interior, France, presented the RRF challenges and talked about a paradigm shift from the narrowband networks to a broadband resilient interoperable reliable network using   4G and 5G. She highlighted emergency use cases that can be developed on QPP RRF network.  
  • Sanja Holen, chair of Technical Validation Committee in BroadWay project , giving a lecture about realising operational mobility for Europe’s First Responder 

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