EIC EPITCHING WITH PROCURERS: innovative PPE, disinfection and telemedicine

EIC EPITCHING WITH PROCURERS: innovative PPE, disinfection and telemedicine

The NO-FEAR project together with the European Innovation Council, organised EIC ePitching with Procurers-session on Tuesday, 29 March 2022. Taking place during the NO-FEAR workshop, and co-hosted by SAMUR Madrid, the EIC-backed innovators had the opportunity to pitch their innovative solutions to procurers in the field of medical care.

During the workshop, on the premises of SAMUR (Servicio de Asistencia Municipal de Urgencia y Rescate y Proteccion Civil) in Madrid, Spain, the NO-FEAR project, a pan-European network of emergency medical care practitioners, discussed and confirmed the main lessons observed from COVID19. 

During this pandemic, medical practitioners had to face challenges never experienced before, the way health care is delivered had to be changed with the need to reduce staff exposure to ill persons, preserve personal protective equipment (PPE), and minimise the impact on patient surges on facilities. That has forced healthcare systems to adjust the way they triage, evaluate, monitor, and care for patients using methods that do not rely on in-person services. 

NO-FEAR project is a network of practitioners, policymakers, and suppliers. The project aims to promote collaboration and unlock the innovation potential in the field of emergency medicine. To meet the ever-changing needs of its members, the NO-FEAR consortium cooperated with the European Innovation Council to gain an overview of new innovative products or services, and possible suppliers in the field of acute medical care. 

During the matchmaking session, seven companies ( Aquila, EpiGuardEyecontrolBLS Group LESSCleamix & Smart Separations  ) and three H2020 projects (CO-VERSATILEBestHealth4U  & iProcureSecurity) showcased their innovative PPE, disinfection and telemedicine products to the conference visitors. 

 After the event, we got together with Ellen Anderson, CEO of Epiguard and Eric Lecarpentier, Head of First Aid at Paris’s biggest hospital APHP, to talk about their experience.  


Ellen Anderson, CEO of EpiGuard, brought her EpiShuttle all the way from Norway. EpiGuard was founded in 2015 by a group of medical doctors that faced the challenge of managing Ebola patients on the field. After 3 years and 5 million EUR of capital and labour investment, the company has recently launched their EpiShuttle – the world-first hard-top (polycarbonate), reusable SIU, providing complete protection from contagious diseases, without compromising advanced treatment and care to the patient. An EpiShuttle was also used to the benefits of the Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, when he was transported in August 2020 in an EpiShuttle to Berlin’s Charité hospital complex, after a suspected poisoning.   

 Now, it’s EpiGuard’s goal to get the EpiShuttle out there: We’re not familiar with procurement around Europe, given that we’re a small company. We need to get our name out there and that’s exactly what we are doing today at the EIC Procurers Day”. As to what her product, the EpiShuttle, could mean to the attending procurers, she commented that “we believe our product can benefit a lot of people. It has been proven to save the lives of healthcare professionals and through an event like this, we can learn about the challenges in European hospital systems. All in all, very valuable” 

APHP Paris  

Eric Lecarpentier, Head of First Aid at Paris’s biggest hospital APHP, was one of the attending procurers. As to why he attended the event, he commented that I’m always looking for startups because I need to take care of our logistical platforms and articles for emergency use. I’m always interested to learn about innovative solutions”. Although working with startups has not been a challenge per se, finding the right company has proven difficult: We don’t have the time to scout promising startups and find out what they are doing. In addition, they also don’t know what we are looking for. That’s why an event like today is good for all parties, startups and procurers alike. The EIC is helping us save time with these pitches”


NO-FEAR project will continue to support innovation and collaboration between the supplier industry and the network of practitioners. If you want to be the first one to know about any upcoming events, follow the NO-FEAR project on social media or join our network of emergency medical care practitioners, suppliers, decision and policymakers. To join one of the NO-FEAR networks and become part of our community, sign up for our portal: https://www.no-fearproject-portal.eu. 

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