NO-FEAR Webinar: Impacts of the Ukraine crisis on the medical supply chain – Register

NO-FEAR webinar invitation

NO-FEAR Webinar: Impacts of the Ukraine crisis on the medical supply chain – Register

On Wednesday 11th May 2022, the NO-FEAR project will host a webinar on “Impacts of the Ukraine crisis on the medical supply chain”. Just as the global supply chain started to recover from the pandemic disruptions, it took another hit as the Ukraine crisis broke. As a result, new challenges arise, both for manufacturers and suppliers, which raised questions of compromise from both ends, whether they should be taken at all and to what extent. With social media reviewing and monitoring the situation, the impact on the humanitarian aid provided was bound to be discussed, with no filters, and this time, also from the receiving end.

The webinar, featuring presentations from the NO-FEAR community and partners, which includes suppliers and practitioners, will provide their experiences and lessons learnt. The presentations will cover issues around the medical supply chain, including counterfeit issues, shortages due to high demand, as well as the impacts of social media on the supply chain among other topics.    


Webinar Details

When: May 11, 2022 03:00 PM CEST

Topic: NO-FEAR webinar: Impacts of the Ukraine crisis on the medical supply chain 

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The presenters 

More detailed agenda will follow.

  • Eddy Vershilovsky (Safeguard Medical) 
  • Francesco Pontiroli Gobbi (DG ECHO 
  • Johanna-Maria Lehtme (NPO Slava Ukraini) 
  • TBD 
  • TBD 




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