NO-FEAR Interactive Portal Goes Live

NO-FEAR Interactive Portal Goes Live

This August, NO-FEAR launched its interactive portal designed for its two networks:

  • Practitioners, decision and policy makers network
  • Suppliers and academia network 

The portal has been available to its consortium members since April 2019 but is now open to network members and prospective members.  Users can register for one of the two networks and gain access to the NO-FEAR portal via its home page

The portal aims to facilitate the exchange of information between members of each network and to facilitate the collaborative work of the NO-FEAR project. The portal: 

  • Facilitates interaction and participation by members of the NO-FEAR networks 
  • Highlights the benefits of shared actions leading to increased interoperability or joint procurement
  • Provides access to the latest information on upcoming events, relevant news and technological innovations for registered members according to their profile
  • Shares information on the key requirements of the EMS
  • Includes a search engine based on the NO- FEAR emergency process framework and on the three pillars of the project 

The NO-FEAR portal includes the following sections:

Needs, gaps, lessons learned and trends

This section of the portal allows users to:

  • Track or suggest a need/gap or lesson learned in the EMS field. Any members of the Network can suggest a new need, gap or lesson learned 
  • Consult the trends identified by the NO-FEAR networks reflecting on the immediate, mid-to-long term and tendency shifts related to new emerging threats, security issues, societal changes in the EU emergency medical care and to track their updates. 

Product, research & innovation dynamic catalogue

This section allows users to both cross-search and add to the dynamic repository that includes: (i) EMS related technological tools, (ii) research or technological projects impacting EMS or (iii) Quick wins to answer to an identified need or trend.

Innovation watch & business uptakes and procurements

This section of the NO-FEAR portal includes

(i) The opportunity for the Practitioner network to raise specific challenges that can be addressed by the network of suppliers and policy makers.

(ii) An innovation watch filter & summary allowing users to cross search, filter by trends, and/or, NO-FEAR pillar activities, and/or positioning inside the NO-FEAR EMS process framework, into the Innovations aspects inside the portal. This aims to provide a synthesized view in tracking existing innovations. Moreover, by saving their research and results, users can provide suggestions to other members of the NO-FEAR network on specific innovation aspects for innovation watch.

(iii) A business uptakes and procurements sub-section where market analysis and business models and support can be posted by the network and where procurement opportunities related to EMS field can be shared.

Repository of mapping and advice on certification, standards and interfaces

This space of the portal is fully devoted to gathering EU and NO-FEAR activities on certification, standards and interface impacting/impacted by NO-FEAR EMS field.


The “Forum” section of the portal allows users to have direct exchanges between the two networks and facilitates knowledge exchange and interaction on a variety of EMS topics. For those outside of the NO-FEAR network, direct communication to the NO-FEAR project and partners is available on the home page via the Question Box feature. The Question Box feature is a function dedicated to urgent requests (new threats, urgent needs, solutions) for users, and potentially in some exceptional cases, for suppliers, to ask specific questions.  This functionality is open to both members and non-members of the networks, to ask questions either to the consortium only, or to the entire network and receive a timely response without having to go through the registration process

To learn more about the NO-FEAR project, or to sign up to our contact list to receive news and updates, click here

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