NO-FEAR is an EU funded 5 year project that works towards bringing together two networks: 1) a practitioners, decision and policy makers network, and 2) a suppliers and academia network, to enhance the response to security-related incidents. 

The NO-FEAR consortium recently held its second event of the year, including the project’s first demonstration event and a joint workshop with the STAIR4SECURITY project. The demonstration event, held alongside the 10thannual Trauma Oggi conference, took place on 21-22 November 2019. The event, hosted by partner Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), took place in Rome, Italy and brought together 64 participants from over 15 countries, including medical practitioners, tool providers, researchers and representatives from other H2020 projects. 

The NO-FEAR demonstration kicked-off with an introduction to the project from Project Co-ordinator Francesco Della Corte, CRIMEDIM. Participants then had the opportunity to learn about and interact with different tools available to the Emergency Medical Services including ventilation tools, tools to monitor cardio-pulmonary signs, and tourniquets. In the hands-on tool demonstration session, workshop participants engaged with the tools first-hand, seeing how they work and trialling them.      

In the evening, NO-FEAR continued its tool presentation session and followed with a live simulation that saw 9 mock victims, 1 mannequin, 2 ambulances and crew and over 20 hospital staff and press construct a fictional scenario of a radioactive accident. The simulation demonstrated tools in situ, re-enacting as close as possible the emergency medical response to an uncertain event.

The second day of the NO-FEAR demonstration began with a presentation and open discussion on hospital preparedness, featuring expert testimony from invited speakers. This day also saw presentations from related EU projects, PROACTIVE, INCLUDING, ENCIRCLE and MELODY, outlining the importance of collaborating, sharing information and knowledge.

Alongside the NO-FEAR demonstration event, three NO-FEAR partners gave presentations during the Trauma Oggi Conference: 

  • Eric Le Carpentier spoke on Damage Control Surgery during the Paris terror attacks,
  • Francesco Della Corte presented on the Modified Utstein Template for Hospital Disaster Response Reporting, and 
  • Tomer Kaplan presented on patient handover between the Emergency Medical Services. 

The value that the NO-FEAR demonstration played in identifying gaps and hospital preparedness has been highlighted by Professor Daniele Gui UCSC who was part of the organising team:

 “It is was great to see so many experts from Europe and associated countries here at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore discussing gaps and innovative tools as well as best practices from their experience. The results of these discussions will represent one of the focal points of the WP3 activities for the next 6 months relative to Patient Handover and Hospital Preparedness in case of Uncertain Event.” 

NO-FEAR and STAIR4SECURITY joint workshop

The NO-FEAR event In Rome concluded with a joint conference with EU project STAIR4SECURITY, which was opened by Tom Flynn (TFC Research and Innovation Limited). The STAIR4SECURITY project is a Horizon 2020 project, which commenced in January 2019 and will run for 2-years. It aims to develop a collaborative platform as a single entry point of information on the CBRNe and DRR sectors primarily coming from research activities, allowing a better governance of standardization needs to be more readily realized. The conference allowed participants to exclusively view and provide key feedback on STAIR4SECURITY’s developing platform; a potentially pivotal platform in CBRNe. 

The morning was dominated with a presentation on governance of the STAIR4SECURITY platform, by CEN TC391 chairperson, Patricia Compard, followed by a live demonstration, led by Adeboyega Ojo (NUIG).  Both Patricia and Adeboyega subsequently held separate breakout round table discussions, where practitioners and other H2020 projects were able to share feedback on the technical and practical aspects of the platform, and the potential benefits it may bring to emergency medical services. The afternoon began with a presentation on standardisation in tools and mechanisms, led by Camille Cloitre (AFNOR & STAIR4SECURITY project), exploring methods of work by which research project results can be standardised. This was also followed by communications and dissemination breakout sessions between EU project partners, which also included eNOTICE and NO-FEAR, exploring how security related H2020 projects can maximise the impact of product activities through dissemination. 

Tom Flynn of TFC Research and Innovation Limited, whose organisation are partners in both NO-FEAR and STAIR4SECURITY, valued the collaborative engagement process, stating: 

 “The NO-FEAR and STAIR4SECURITY joint conference enabled much bi-directional communication to take place between a number of related CBRNe/DRR scientific research related projects including eNOTICE, INCLUDING and ENCIRCLE.  Moreover, the demonstration of the in-progress Stair4Security platform brought about much healthy discussions and further diffusion of shared clever ideas which can only strengthen the outcomes of these projects.  It was tremendous conference and feedback has been warmly received by both NO-FEAR and STAIR4SECURITY.”

The next NO-FEAR event will take place in January 2020 in Tel Aviv and will be focused on hospital preparedness and security. For further information on the NO-FEAR project, please visit: To join one of the NO-FEAR networks and become part of our community, sign up to our portal:

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