NO-FEAR webinar on innovative disinfection technologies to be held Aug 27

NO-FEAR webinar on innovative disinfection technologies to be held Aug 27

NO-FEAR is hosting a webinar on August 27th, 14:00 CEST on innovative disinfection technologies for pre-hospital and intra-hospital settings. The webinar is designed to be of interest to experts and specialists in operations, ICP (Infections Control and Prevention), and environmental factors, as well as other practitioners, researchers, and health officials.

Attendance registration is free and available at this link.

As part of NO-FEAR’s strategic focus on COVID-19 response learning, Work Package 4 (Acute care operations in security related incidents) is conducting a webinar series on operational lessons identified. An important lesson observed is that “traditional” disinfection methods employing high concentrations of bleach – when used with high frequency – are harmful to equipment and vehicles. They are also not environmentally friendly. Health care organizations (intra-hospital as well as pre-hospital care) are looking to different global providers for innovative disinfection solutions. Some are already in use.

The webinar will be 90 minutes. It will begin with introductions from NO-FEAR project coordinators at Università del Piemonte Orientale (UPO) and issue definition from Magen David Adom (MDA), after which suppliers will have five minutes each to present. The webinar will finish with a question & answer session and concluding remarks from UPO.

In addition to their presentations, each supplier will have the opportunity to post a more detailed description and contact information on the NO-FEAR portal. If you are a supplier with an interesting disinfection solution, please contact Miss Natasha McCrone ( prior to August 21st to discuss your ideas further.

NO-FEAR is a 5-year project that brings together a network of emergency medical care practitioners, suppliers, decision and policy makers to collaborate and exchange knowledge, good practices, and lessons learned in disaster and crisis management. Our networks work together to develop a common understanding and to enhance the response to security-related incidents. The NO-FEAR project seeks to harness the rich experience of our members and leverage our network to improve the exchange of good practices and information in Europe and beyond. To join one of the NO-FEAR networks and become part of our community, sign up to our portal:

Disinfecting equipment at Magen David Adom (MDA)

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