NO-FEAR publishes on ‘Just in Time Training’ for medical, flood and CBRN response

NO-FEAR publishes on ‘Just in Time Training’ for medical, flood and CBRN response

NO-FEAR and four other European security research networks have jointly published a results paper drawing from their June webinar on ‘Just in Time Training’ for medical, flood and chemical biological radiation and nuclear (CBRN) response.

The paper – accessible here – is entitled “Just in Time Training in the context of medical, flood and CBRN response operations: Best practices & recommendations from past and recent disasters”. The webinar can be viewed on YouTube.

The paper covers best practices & methodologies discussed at the June 18 webinar organised by DAREnet , FIRE-IN, NO-FEAR, eNOTICE and MEDEA. The authors write in the foreward that the paper “aims at summarizing the challenges and practices identified to make the results available to a wider audience.”

“Based on first-hand experiences that the speakers have gathered through their involvement in past and recent disasters, in particular the COVID-19 pandemic, did the webinar provide a forum to share knowledge and experiences about how JITT can enable first responder to rapidly acquire specific skills or knowledge when the immediate need arises.”

NO-FEAR is a 5-year project that brings together a network of emergency medical care practitioners, suppliers, decision and policy makers to collaborate and exchange knowledge, good practices, and lessons learned in disaster and crisis management. Our networks work together to develop a common understanding and to enhance the response to security-related incidents. The NO-FEAR project seeks to harness the rich experience of our members and leverage our network to improve the exchange of good practices and information in Europe and beyond.   

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