NO-FEAR webinar: Training during COVID-19 (1 Feb)

NO-FEAR webinar: Training during COVID-19 (1 Feb)

NO-FEAR will host a webinar titled “Training during COVID-19: an overview of different experiences” on Monday, 1 Feb 2021, 15:00 (CET).

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The webinar is organized by Work Package 5 (Education and training of personnel and volunteers). Speakers will present from Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Romania, the US, Kenya, Lebanon, and Australia. They include:

Francesco Della Corte (CRIMEDIM, Italy): Introduction and presentation

Lina Echeverri (CRIMEDIM, Italy): COVID-19 training experiences in Lebanon

Eric Weinstein (CRIMEDIM, Italy) – How to build the plane while flying

Alessandro Lamberti (CRIMEDIM, Italy): Training in an urban field hospital

Benjamin Krynski (Real Response Australia): A Serious Game – Extended reality (XR) training for emergency and critical care practitioners 

Catherine Bertrand (Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris [APHP], France): Training EMS and other new human resources

Shafir Botner (Paramedic Education Center, MDA, Israel): MDA’s activities to train and update staff and volunteers on COVID related issues

Eddy Vershilovsky (PerSys Medical, Waismed LTD, Israel): Medical device training during Covid-19

Ives Hubloue & Sofie Pauwels (VUB – UZ Brussels, Belgium): Lessons learned and actions regarding training during the first and second wave in Belgium

Ervigio Corral Torres (SAMUR – Protección Civil, Spain): How pandemics changed the way of providing training to workers and volunteers

Madalina Dusciuc (Department for Emergency Situations within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania): Training of personnel during Covid -19 pandemic and measures taken by hospitals to minimize the risks of infection among medical staff

Other recent NO-FEAR webinars include “COVID-19 vaccination: Preliminary lessons observed” (7 Jan), ‘Lung Ultrasonography in the COVID pandemic’ (17 Nov), and ‘Pulse Oximetry during COVID-19’ (Oct 29).

NO-FEAR is a 5-year project that brings together a network of emergency medical care practitioners, suppliers, decision and policy makers to collaborate and exchange knowledge, good practices, and lessons learned in disaster and crisis management. Our networks work together to develop a common understanding and to enhance the response to security-related incidents. The NO-FEAR project seeks to harness the rich experience of our members and leverage our network to improve the exchange of good practices and information in Europe and beyond.

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