Ministry of Internal Affairs through Department for Emergency Situations (DSU)

The Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs is the public service in charge of, among other duties: establishing, by law measures, to protect the rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as public and private property.

The Department for Emergency Situations, Pursuant to Art. I of Government Emergency Ordinance 1/2014, is an operational structure without legal personality of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in charge of the permanent national coordination of emergency prevention and management actions, the provision and coordination of human, material, financial and other resources needed to restore normality, including specialist first aid and emergency medical care in Emergency Care Units and Centres.

The Department for Emergency Situations coordinates the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, The General Inspectorate of Aviation (with regard to medical missions) and performs the operational coordination of ambulance services in counties and in Bucharest, of Emergency Care Units and Centres and of public mountain rescue services.

The Department for Emergency Situations is coordinated by Dr. Raed ARAFAT, who is a medical doctor, head of the Department for Emergency Situations and the founder of the Romanian SMURD system (Mobile Service for Emergency, Reanimation and Extrication), an integrated public service without legal personality, who works in the organizational chart of inspectorates for emergency situations, together with specialized personnel from emergency departments of hospitals.