Norwegian Red Cross (NorCross)

The Norwegian Red Cross (NorCross) is a humanitarian organisation that is committed to, and bound by, the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and acts as the guardian of the Geneva Conventions.

NorCross’ mission is to “reveal, prevent and alleviate human suffering and distress”. As an auxiliary to the Norwegian authorities in the humanitarian field, NorCross’ activities in Norway aim to assist and supplement relevant public services. NorCross is a membership organisation with a country-wide presence through 400 local branches in 19 district branches. NorCross’ activities are grounded in local needs, resources and competencies, and carried out by volunteers working in their own communities. For individuals and local communities this means that the Red Cross will be there when accidents and disasters strike, and that it is making an ever greater contribution to the care of children, young people and senior citizens. The Red Cross is also there for those who need new networks after being released from prison, mental illness, and substance abuse. Our volunteers help schoolchildren with their homework, visit inmates in prison, and act as guides to Norwegian society for immigrants and refugees.

The overall objective of NorCross international work is to Reduce the vulnerability of local communities and to prevent loss of life. Our thematic priorities are Health, Disaster Risk Management, Protection and National Society Development (supporting partners in their organizational development).