Paris Fire Brigade (PFB)

The Paris Fire Brigade (PFB) is a unit within the French Army under the authority of the police prefect. It defends more than 6,000,000 inhabitants over the 124 municipalities of the administrative departments of Paris, Haut-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne by providing assistance to people and protecting properties. The PFB is the biggest firefighter corps in Europe made up of 8,600 men and women. The PFB can adapt to various threats thanks to its savoir-faire granted by its military and operational culture. It performs nearly 500,000 interventions a year, that is around 1300 a day. A vast majority of the operations is concerned with first aid performed by 283 ALS ambulances. The Health Division includes seven medical ambulances on duty each day, representing 10,000 interventions a year. Involved in prospective studies, institutional plans design and leader of numerous exercises, PFB is a major actor of emergency and disaster response.