PerSys Medical Group, WaisMed

PerSys Medical Group is a global organization which manufactures, markets and distributes innovative lifesaving medical devices for Military, EMS’s, Law Enforcement, Disaster Preparedness, Search and Rescue, pre-hospital and in-hospital use. This includes:

Hemorrhage Control – The Emergency Bandage® has become an integral component of emergency hemorrhage control and wound treatment in pre-hospital situations. The bandage is easy to use, appears in several sizes, used by military and civilian arenas worldwide.

Vascular Access – The NIO® – IntraOsseous Device is simple, automatic, intraosseous device which provide safe, quick and easy vascular access in emergency situations, when vascular access is needed for fluid and drug administration. It’s small, light, and easy to use, even in the most demanding situations. It is used by military and civilian healthcare systems worldwide.

Hypothermia Treatment – The Blizzard System® with Reflexcell® unique technology was developed to reduce the risk of Hypothermia and support Hypothermic patient treatment and increase survival in extreme conditions. Blizzard thermal protective products are light weight, wind proof and water proof.

Airway Management – The Pocket BMV is the only collapsible BVM on the market. When packaged in its casing, the unit is incredibly compact, saving valuable space in emergency kits. When expanded, the Pocket BVM is a fully functional respirator made of the highest quality materials for flawless performance.