Rinicom is a Lancaster, UK based, SME specialising in providing state-of-the art solutions for law enforcement agencies, first responders and critical civilian infrastructure protection. Incorporated in 2002, Rinicom gained recognition as a leading-edge technology company providing bespoke telecommunications solutions. Rinicoms portfolio of new and innovative products includes; the R1000, the world’s smallest integrated COFDM/MPEG-2 miniature transmitter; the PodNode, a self-healing COFDM IP ad-hoc mesh radio; various novel and unique video surveillance cameras; and more recently an optical drone detection system called Sky Patriot. In addition to Rinicoms robust product base, they place a strong focus on R&D to support first responders. Over the last 4 years they have worked closely with 10 law enforcement agencies throughout Europe to develop, test and validate emergency and community focused software platforms and mobile applications to improve communication and collaboration, prevent crime, build trust, increase accountability and support large and small-scale disasters.

Website: www.rinicom.com
Twitter: twitter.com/RinicomLtd