SAMUR-Civil Protection

SAMUR-Civil Protection is the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) of the City of Madrid. Dependent of the Madrid City Council, it is the service responsible for emergency care on public roads and public places in the City. Likewise, it is the service responsible for the assistance to the catastrophe or Mass Casualty Incidents in the City.

With a staff of 800 professionals and more than 1500 volunteers, SAMUR performs 135,000 operations per year from the 22 operational bases around the city. In addition, its functions include the prevention of risk situations, such as political and social demonstrations, sporting events, religious and cultural activities, etc. Globally, attending to more than 2500 events of this type every year.

Operationally, this is a double-level service, consisting of Advance Life Support (ALS) units (composed of emergency physicians, emergency nurses and emergency technicians) and Basic Life Support (BLS) units (composed of two emergency technicians). Together with them, quality control units, psychological intervention units and logistic support units (CBRN unit and mass casualty unit) are on duty 24/7.

SAMUR- Civil Protection is a member of the European EMS Leadership Network along with another 6 members from some of the major EMS systems in Europe.

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