Trilateral Research (TRI)

Trilateral Research (TRI) is a SME specialising in research and the provision of strategic, policy and regulatory advice on new technologies, security, risk, and surveillance issues, and effective stakeholder engagement and dissemination strategies. Trilateral has strong and established experience in qualitative and quantitative social science research methodologies applied to the development of new technologies. Ninety per cent of its research staff has post-doctoral experience and professional qualifications in disciplines such as social sciences, data sciences, science and technology studies, and law.

Trilateral is currently involved in a number of EU projects on crisis and disaster management. Trilateral has over 14 years’ experience of leading dissemination, exploitation and communication work in EC Projects (e.g., TITANIUM, COPKIT, INSPEC2T, ResiStand, TACTIC). Our approach focuses on strategically communicating project activities, results and solutions to appropriate target audiences, at appropriate times, via appropriate methods to achieve impact, raise project awareness, disseminate project results, and facilitate uptake.

Our clients have included the Information Commissioner’s Office (the UK Data Protection Authority), the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) and other EC agencies and departments, the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the American Red Cross and private sector clients.